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Quality Through Innovation - 13. oktober 2014

I oktober arrangerer vi en spennende konferanse. Programmet begynner å ta form og snart åpner vi for påmelding. Konferansen vil bli avholdt på engelsk.

Welcome to the conference Quality Through Innovation.

As part of the BI2020 project we are looking into the possibilities and challenges the different scenarios of the report proposes. What are the emerging trends and what is taking place in education today? In conjunction with the different scenarios we are presenting examples from the BI2020 pilot program.

Preliminary program 

Registration (8:30-10:00)

Guided tour and presentation of LearningLab (9:00-9:45)

Opening of the conference (10:00)

Section 1:
Just in time skills Revolves around the issues of corporate learning. How international corporations are challenging and questioning the existing models of education. In a world where learning needs to be an ongoing process, what does that mean for higher education. Keynote speaker Alan Bruce will share what is currently happening in Ireland, where the major tech companies like Facebook and Google are establishing themselves, and how their way of recruiting already is challenging the existing models.

Section 2:
Connect and share For a long time there has been advocated that the internet will change education. So far it looks like this has not happened. Yet 2012 was the year of MOOCs. How is technology connecting learners and teachers around the world today? Keynote speaker: Christian Stracke

Section 3:
Branded learning Is the campus doomed or can the traditional campus based education reinvent itself to reap the benefits of two worlds, the digital communication technology and the campus. How to meet a world of new opportunities? How can the use of pilots pave the way?

End of conference (15:00)

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